How To Win at Klout

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Share the Klout Wealth – Give +K to Your Friends

We all know that givers get and that a principle of social media is to add value to your community.  One great way to add value to your community is to give them +K.  Giving +K and getting +K is one of the keys to winning at Klout. Giving +K is like voting (although probably […]

How To Leverage Klout

A gift for you

Etiquette: Can I Buy Klout a Gift in Exchange for +K?

This is a tough one. Let’s start first by saying that this is a question we get a lot. Many of us are just too darned busy with our jobs or … “lives” to spend as much time online as it takes to really win at the game of Klout. Winning at Klout isn’t easy. If […]

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Fact: You Have More Influence the More You Talk

Now logic may suggest otherwise. You might think that if you rarely speak that people will really pay attention to the things that you do say and therefore you will have more influence than someone who constantly talks with nothing important to say. That is completely incorrect. The game of Klout, which is the Standard […]

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Steps to Winning at Klout (Beginner)

Winning at Klout is important for any marketer or social media expert, guru or ninja who wants to be taken seriously. As such, winning at Klout should be one of your chief goals. Here are the beginner steps for winning at Klout. 1) Sign up for Klout You can’t have influence if you don’t sign […]


Welcome to Win At Klout

Welcome to win at Klout. We started Win at Klout to help people increase their Klout scores. In fact, reading this site is guaranteed to increase your Klout score by at least 3 points. In case you are new to Klout, or new to the idea of winning at the game of Klout, we wanted to share […]

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How to Leverage Your Klout Score

Today we got a question from a reader, Janice, asking how she can leverage her Klout score. Check out the email she sent us: “Dear How to Win at Klout,   I have been reading your tips for a while now, and they have dramatically improved my Klout performance.  I have increased my Klout score […]