Fact: You Have More Influence the More You Talk

Now logic may suggest otherwise. You might think that if you rarely speak that people will really pay attention to the things that you do say and therefore you will have more influence than someone who constantly talks with nothing important to say. That is completely incorrect.

The game of Klout, which is the Standard of All Influence rewards you the more you talk to people. Klout likes you to be addicted to social media. Social media addicts have more influence.

You can increase your Klout score by Tweeting more frequently and talking to people. Frequent Tweets can increase your Klout score because the more you talk the more influential you must be. People who talk a lot have more influence than those who don’t, and talking a LOT will help you win at the game of Klout. The more you talk the more points you get.

Klout doesn’t like it if you are anti-social and don’t interact with people. Anti-social people on Twitter have no influence. Klout likes it when you talk to people and send them replies. Talking to people is a sign of influence. You may argue that some very influential people don’t talk to people – like the President or Oprah or even someone like Seth Godin. Well, they have less influence because they are antisocial.  Klout Fact: Anti-social people have no influence.

So, the Klout Tip of the Day:

Increase your Klout Score by Talking All The Time and Talking At People.