Welcome to Win At Klout

Welcome to win at Klout. We started Win at Klout to help people increase their Klout scores. In fact, reading this site is guaranteed to increase your Klout score by at least 3 points.

In case you are new to Klout, or new to the idea of winning at the game of Klout, we wanted to share some basic information with you.

First, Klout is the standard of influence. Not just one of a number of metrics that may demonstrate influence, and not just on social networks. Klout is the standard of influence. All influence. Period. If you don’t have a Klout score because you aren’t on Twitter yet, then you have no influence. Period.

Many social media experts and gurus spend hours every day trying to increase their Klout scores. They get upset when their scores drop for unexplained reasons. They try to correlate their Klout scores to their activity. They get frustrated when they can’t understand what is going on with their influence.

That is why we created how to win at Klout. To end the frustration of trying to win at Klout and losing has frustrated marketers for decades. Not anymore.

Read How To Win at Klout every day for tricks, tips, strategies and made up things that are guaranteed to increase your Klout score.