Share the Klout Wealth – Give +K to Your Friends

We all know that givers get and that a principle of social media is to add value to your community.  One great way to add value to your community is to give them +K.  Giving +K and getting +K is one of the keys to winning at Klout.

Giving +K is like voting (although probably more important than voting) on a persons influence on a topic.  For example, you can give me, Krista +K on Klout to tell Klout that I influence you about Klout (which I obviously do).

For example, I gave +K on Diseases to Jason Falls, because he recently influenced me on diseases.  In this case, the game of Klout already knew that he was influential on diseases, so I only had to click the +K button.

Jason appreciated the recognition for his influence on Diseases, so he thanked me on Twitter.  Since he has more influence than me, and he mentioned me on Twitter he is helping my Klout score go up EVEN MORE!  This also shows one of our other Klout Facts at play (Fact #13) – Klout likes it when you like Klout – the more active you are on Klout the more Klout you will have.

I also recently gave +K to my friend Kevin Dugan (@prblog) on Hoarders, which Klout already knew he was influential on (Klout is so smart).

But sometimes, Klout doesn’t know what you are influential on, so the game allows you to enter your own topics.  You can see the enter topics button on this screenshot, where you can add a topic.  For example, Lee Odden recently influenced me on Unicorns, so I added it to his topics list.

A friend of mine, Joe Robb was recently influenced by me on Falkland Islands English, so he added it to my Klout topics list to let them know.

Here are some tips to successfully giving +K:

  • Give +K to people with higher Klout than you, remember that Klout likes snobs, don’t fraternize with people beneath you.
  • Add new topics to show Klout that you are smarter than it
  • Harass your friends to give you +K to improve your +K score (Klout likes spam about Klout)
  • Give me +K on Klout
  • Remember, Klout only gives you a limited number of +K. Use them wisely.