How To Win at Klout was created to give you everything you need to win at the game of Klout. We have attended thousands of social media conferences, and people always ask us how they can win at Klout and get a higher Klout score.

We know that a higher Klout score leads to more clients, sales, internet fame, free products, attraction from the opposite sex, higher confidence, more money and bragging rights with your friends (note: This statement is in no way true).

We created How to Win at Klout to guide you through the algorithm and magic behind Klout so that you can increase your Klout score, win friends and influence people. After all, Klout is The Standard of Influence.” Not just online. But in life. Period.

This website will give you all of the best information, news and updates to help you win at Klout, and have the life you always dreamed of.


About Your Chief Influencers

Krista Neher

When not helping the online masses find their way to happiness by leveraging all that Klout has to offer, Krista Neher is a leading authority, trainer, educator, author and international speaker on Internet marketing and social media, and is currently the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a leading provider of social media marketing training and consulting solutions. KristaNeher.com >


Nick Westergaard
When not working to game the game of Klout, Nick Westergaard is a brand-driven consultant, blogger, and speaker and second-generation principal of the advertising and marketing firm, Westergaard, that helps organizations large and small build brand-driven communities around their business with social media. NickWestergaard.com >

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