Fact: You Have More Influence the More You Talk

Now logic may suggest otherwise. You might think that if you rarely speak that people will really pay attention to the things that you do say and therefore you will have more influence than someone who constantly talks with nothing important to say. That is completely incorrect.

The game of Klout, which is the Standard of All Influence rewards you the more you talk to people. Klout likes you to be addicted to social media. Social media addicts have more influence.

You can increase your Klout score by Tweeting more frequently and talking to people. Frequent Tweets can increase your Klout score because the more you talk the more influential you must be. People who talk a lot have more influence than those who don’t, and talking a LOT will help you win at the game of Klout. The more you talk the more points you get.

Klout doesn’t like it if you are anti-social and don’t interact with people. Anti-social people on Twitter have no influence. Klout likes it when you talk to people and send them replies. Talking to people is a sign of influence. You may argue that some very influential people don’t talk to people – like the President or Oprah or even someone like Seth Godin. Well, they have less influence because they are antisocial.  Klout Fact: Anti-social people have no influence.

So, the Klout Tip of the Day:

Increase your Klout Score by Talking All The Time and Talking At People.

Steps to Winning at Klout (Beginner)

Winning at Klout is important for any marketer or social media expert, guru or ninja who wants to be taken seriously. As such, winning at Klout should be one of your chief goals.

Here are the beginner steps for winning at Klout.

1) Sign up for Klout

You can’t have influence if you don’t sign up for Klout. I don’t care how important you may think you are IRL. It is BS. Klout is The Standard of Influence so you can’t have influence if you don’t sign up for Klout.

2) Connect all of Your Social Networks

Connect Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to your account. Also, stay tuned for planned Klout integrations with Myspace and Friendster.

Giving Klout all of your data for free will improve your Klout score. Don’t worry about how they will use it. They have a privacy policy on their site.

3) DM all of your Friends and Ask them to Give You K Points

Ask all of your friends to log in to Klout and give you points. Points in Klout can help you with the algorithm and increase your Klout score. Part of the beauty of Klout is that you can increase your score just by caring about it.

4) Log In to Klout Every Day

The more you login to Klout, the higher your score will be. Klout likes people who spend more time on their site. The more you are on Klout the higher your score will be.

5) Spend More Time on Social Media

Klout rewards you for spending more time on social media. Since social media is the only measure of influence, the more time you spend on social media the more influential you are. Klout rewards activity on social networks.

These beginner tips should get you started. If you implement these tips you should be able to generate a K-Score of at least 30 within a few short weeks.

Just be consistent and disciplined and you will see results over time.

Welcome to Win At Klout

Welcome to win at Klout. We started Win at Klout to help people increase their Klout scores. In fact, reading this site is guaranteed to increase your Klout score by at least 3 points.

In case you are new to Klout, or new to the idea of winning at the game of Klout, we wanted to share some basic information with you.

First, Klout is the standard of influence. Not just one of a number of metrics that may demonstrate influence, and not just on social networks. Klout is the standard of influence. All influence. Period. If you don’t have a Klout score because you aren’t on Twitter yet, then you have no influence. Period.

Many social media experts and gurus spend hours every day trying to increase their Klout scores. They get upset when their scores drop for unexplained reasons. They try to correlate their Klout scores to their activity. They get frustrated when they can’t understand what is going on with their influence.

That is why we created how to win at Klout. To end the frustration of trying to win at Klout and losing has frustrated marketers for decades. Not anymore.

Read How To Win at Klout every day for tricks, tips, strategies and made up things that are guaranteed to increase your Klout score.