Klout Facts

Winning at Klout is one of the most important goals for anyone who takes social media seriously.  To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of key Klout Facts that will help you win at the game of Klout and get a higher score.

#1. Klout is a Game. Much like any game, you have scores and points and can brag when you beat your friends. Similar to other games, there is no real life benefit to winning at Klout, but you can leverage your synergies with corporations that don’t know any better.

#2. Klout Likes Acronyms. Klout likes it when you use acronyms in your tweets and on social networks, because it shows that you are “in the know” about what is going on. People who use acronyms are smarter, and Klout gives them points.

#3. Klout Doesn’t Like Sports. The reality is that people talk about sports for 2 reasons. 1 – they are boring or 2 – they have nothing interesting to say. Klout knows this, so your Klout score goes down when you talk about sports.

#4. Klout Likes Snobs. This fact has been oft refuted but we are pleased to finally confirm this for you. Klout does, in fact, like snobs. It likes it when you have followers but by all means if you are dedicated to winning at Klout you must not follow them back. Show your superiority. People will be impressed. And, most importantly, Klout will reward you.

#5. Klout Likes Hashtags. It’s true. Part of Klout’s secret algorithm that our scientists have demystified for you is Klout’s preference for hashtags. Especially ones on fairly pedestrian observations including but by no means limited to #justsayin and #bro.

#6. Klout Does Not Like Data. Hold on, here’s where it gets dicey. Though it computes a score, Klout does not like data. Rather, they rely on a complex system of wizardry to read your mind and determine your influence.

#7. Klout Prefers Women. Klout understands that women have been unfairly discriminated against by the digerati. As such, they have wired their game to give women higher scores.

#8. Real Influence Can ONLY Be Measured In Social Media. This is true. Klout is The Standard of Influence and they only measure social media. If you are not on social media you have no influence. Many world leaders have no influence.

#9. Klout Likes Bacon. Talk about it often.

#10. Anti-Social People Have No Influence. Klout rewards you with points for talking at other people. You have no influence if you don’t talk to people directly (with the @ sign). It doesn’t matter how many people follow you or take action because of you.

#11. The More You Talk the More Influence You Have. Klout thinks that you are more influential the more often you post. You may logically think that the opposite is true (silly fool), but it doesn’t matter what you think. It matters what Klout thinks.

#12. Klout Likes Social Media Addiction. Klout rewards you for more posts on social networks and for joining more social networks and connecting them to the social network game of Klout. You have more influence if you are more addicted to social networks.

#13. Klout Likes it When You Like Klout.  You get a higher Klout score for spending more time in the game of Klout and on their website.  This just makes sense.



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